LBC QuickPoll - Florida Panthers' Early Scoring Woes: Aberration or Omen?

Six goals in three games to open 2013? A shutout in between? What's to be expected over the next week for the Cats...

So here we sit, three games into the 2013 season, staring blankly at a 6GF/9GA/-3 goal differential, as one of the architects of the current 1-2 record - Ottawa - is headed to the BB&T Center in a matter of hours (which begs the question: anyone wish to bet against Senators G Craig Anderson making the start? He of the 8-0-0-1 lifetime record vs Florida, including a shutout on Monday? Awfully quiet out there...).

As the title implies, this is a QuickPoll, so we won't beat our collective head in with an abundance of team stats and individual numbers. That in mind, consider this: the Panthers have yet to score a "meaningful" goal since Brian Campbell's power play marker at 6:42 of the first period in Saturday's season opener against Carolina. Heck, they've only added a single goal in the two games following that lone victory.

Winger Kris Versteeg may return at home against the Flyers this weekend, but it's a gargantuan "may"; as we have become well accustomed, the club (wisely) is not in the habit of officially sharing any news in relation to injuries, and Steeger's recent convalescence has been no different.

Gotta ask, though, and kinda OT: what type of signal is relayed, publicly or otherwise, when a player is told to stay home as his team embarks on a quick two-game road trip to start the season? So much for all of that vaunted "team-building" which has been in vogue around the league since 2005, even if it only involves travelling with your mates. Yes, he's probably/perhaps/expectedly undergoing dual-doctor visits each day. Or maybe he isn't. Still smells.

Anyway, what's your forecast, scoring-wise, for the next week...up or down? Here be the sched...

So in what direction will the offense go over the next week (four games: OTW, PHI, @TB, WPG)?

Up: can't get any worse than we witnessed in Ottawa and Montreal; coaching staff will have them primed.49
Even: no short-term reason to believe anything will improve; might escape averaging a goal per game.24
Down: seriously?5
Who cares? Just thrilled to have my time occupied while ignoring domestic responsibilities.4