Panthers Wonder-Links for Wednesday

Another modest day for news around the Cats (read: zippo), but there's always something to latch on to so close to next week's Draft. Away we go...

(Flyers GM Paul) Holmgren believes there’s a good chance Bouwmeester’s rights will be traded prior to July 1, when the free agency period begins.

Ok, most everyone residing outside of a mental health institution has come to the same conclusion (and I don't make Homer's coin, so keep me in mind for that vacant GM spot, Billy T.). The interesting part is this:

According to a league source, free-agent defenseman Jay Bouwmeester has a "wish list" of about six NHL teams he would like to sign with and the Flyers are on it. According to the source, Bouwmeester likes the Flyers from an "organizational standpoint" and considers them an "up-and-coming team."

Granted, given Jay's vanilla answers to every question ever put to him it's quite possible this is the standard summary of every organization looking to acquire him. Heck, league executives from coast to coast have begun consistently defining the Panthers as up-and-coming. In any case, start getting fitted for your Danny Briere sweaters now, kids.