Your Take: Panthers' Matthias signs 2-year deal

Now that it's official, what's your word on the "two-way/one-way" contract accepted by center Shawn Matthias? From OFP:

"The biggest hurdle to getting a deal done was getting Matthias to agree to a two-way deal, meaning the Panthers can send Matthias to the minors and pay him considerably less than his NHL salary of $800,000. Matthias got a two-way deal for 2011-12, but his 2012-13 pact is one-way specific."

A wise move by the club in guaranteeing future earnings (in 2012-13) based upon 36 points in 126 career NHL games? Or given the proper opportunity, is the kid ready to blow up offensively?

A reasonable deal for both sides?

Too early to judge17