Report: Bill Lindsay no longer a part of Panthers broadcast team

An on-air constant, the ex-player will not return next season.

According to a post last night on Bill Lindsay's official twitter account, the former player will not be part of Fox Sports Florida's broadcast team when the Florida Panthers return to the ice next season.

Lindsay, a member of the Quebec Nordiques at the time, was chosen by Florida in the 1993 Expansion Draft and played for the Cats for six full seasons. He scored what is likely the most famous goal in team history when he bagged the series-winner in spectacular fashion against the Boston Bruins in the opening round of the 1996 Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Fernie, BC native replaced Denis Potvin as the Panthers television analyst, alongside play-by-play man Steve "Goldie" Goldstein, in 2009. In a somewhat surprising move, Potvin returned to the fold last year bumping Lindsay from tandem. Lindsay worked with Drew Goldfarb on the pre/post game and between periods portion of the broadcast.

No official word from the club or Fox Sports Florida has been released as of yet. Lindsay's departure, which doesn't appear to be of his choosing, will be met with a large degree of dismay from the Cats' fan base as he was a long-time favorite as both a player and broadcaster.

The LBC crew would like to thank Lindsay for his efforts and wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do going forward. Big ups #11!

What do you think of the decision?

A bad one, Lindsay should remain part of the broadcast team245
A good one, was not a fan of his TV work24
Meh...Writing was on the wall when Potvin returned50