Closing Out 2012: Grading The San Antonio Rampage

The Rampage currently sit 14th in the AHL's Western Conference, and last in the South Division. The playoffs may be out of reach, but there is still some positive news for this season's team.

My grades are as of December 23, 2012, with the Rampage holding a record of 11-17-3 (25 points).


  • Andre Deveaux: 15GP, 4G, 3A, 7PTS, -6, 22PIM, 26SOG, 15.4SH%
    A back-to-back 20 goal scorer in the AHL, Deveaux hasn't been much more than a power play producer, when he's not being benched. Grade: D
  • Jared Gomes: 28GP, 5G, 5A, 10PTS, +0, 8PIM, 30SOG, 16.7SH%
    On loan from the Cincinnati Cyclones, the Brampton, ON native has exceeded expectations, granted it's not hard to beat the exceptions of a fourth liner. Jared Gomes plays hard every shift, has decent speed, and is currently tied for eighth in team scoring, thanks to a 16.7% shooting percentage. Grade: C
  • Jonathan Hazen: 15GP, 1G, 3A, 4PTS, -1, 6PIM, 11SOG, 9.1SH%
    The former captain of the Val-d'Or Foreurs, Jonathan Hazen is a decent top-six forward for the Cincinnati Cyclones (10 points in 12 games), but is a below average AHL bottom-six forward. His speed has been present (at times), but with John McFarland's domination of the ECHL (15 points in 11 games) Hazen's time in the AHL has to be at an end. Grade: D
  • Quinton Howden: 30GP, 6G, 6A, 12PTS, -6, 10PIM, 48SOG, 12.5SH%
    A victim of the elite young talent in the AHL thanks to the lockout, Howden is adjusting to the pro level rather harshly. His skill is present on the ice, and he is an effective penalty killer. Expect 2013 to be a better year for the Winnipeg, MB native. Grade: C
  • Jean-Francois Jacques (pictured above with Edmonton): 23GP, 5G, 2A, 7PTS, -3, 37PIM, 28SOG, 17.9SH%
    Another veteran used as a healthy scratch, Jean-Francois Jacques has been solid in the defensive end. The problem is his work in the offensive end. Jacques does at times use his body in front of the net to screen goalies and get the dirty goals, but he hasn't been the same player since his foot injury. Grade: C
  • Greg Rallo: 31GP, 11G, 6A, 17PTS, -1, 1, 14PIM, 67SOG, 16.4SH%
    Greg Rallo leads in both goals and shots, and is the only player to reach double digit goals so far this season. The Gurnee, IL native could play better in his own end, but he is improving. Grade: B
  • Jon Rheault: 31GP, 8G, 14A, 22PTS, -1, 6PIM, 57SOG, 14.0SH%
    San Antonio's leading scorer that's only 12 points away from a career season. The Arlington, TX native is without question the best player on the roster, and not just because of his offensive numbers. Rheault's defensive awareness is present on every shift and is chemistry with Drew Shore is one of the bright spots of the season. Grade: A
  • Eric Selleck: 31GP, 3G, 4A, 7PTS, +1, 126PIM, 38SOG, 7.9SH%
    The hardest working man on the roster, Eric Selleck is a huge reason for the solid penalty killing this season. San Antonio's leader in penalty minutes by 70, Selleck does at times act as the team's enforcer (another knock on Deveaux and Jacques), often hurting the hurting the team. But when he's on the ice, San Antonio is a better team. Grade: B
  • Drew Shore: 30GP, 6G, 14A, 20PTS, +1, 12PIM, 58SOG, 10.3SH%
    The best Panther prospect on the roster, Drew Shore is NHL ready. He's adjustment to the pro level has been solid and his offensive vision has turned Jon Rheault into a lethal weapon for goaltenders. Shore's defense has also been solid, playing against the best talent the AHL has to offer. Grade: A
  • Scott Timmins: 31GP, 5G, 5A, 10PTS, -2, 26PIM, 50SOG, 10.0SH%
    Don't give up on him now, because Scott Timmins might be a NHLer after-all. One of the best penalty killers in the AHL, Timmins is a pretty solid face-off guy (the AHL doesn't record face-off wins, so I can't be sure). While he likely won't score as a top-six forward, he does have a decent shot. Grade: B
  • Justin Vaive: 27GP, 1G, 2A, 3PTS, -1, 27PIM, 21SOG, 4.8SH%
    Fourth liner in the AHL averaging a penalty minute a game. Not much to say about Vaive. Grade: C
  • Casey Wellman: 24GP, 4G, 12A, 16PTS, -8, 12PIM, 47SOG, 4.7SH%
    A player with NHL potential who's never been able to reach it, Casey Wellman has become a different player after being benched. After scoring just eight points in his first 14 games, Wellman has scored eight in his last ten. He's currently fourth in team scoring. Grade: C
  • James Wright: 31GP, 4G, 10A, 14PTS, -6, 15PIM, 59SOG, 6.8SH%
    "Killer" hasn't really done much to justify a one-way contract for next season. He is second in shots, has shown some nice chemistry with Greg Rallo, but his play on the PK hasn't been as specular as expected. Grade: C


  • Michael Caruso: 23GP, 1G, 3A, 4PTS, +1, 14PIM, 31SOG, 3.2SH%
    Michael Caruso has been with the Florida Panthers since 2008-09, this might be his best season yet. Caruso is fantastic in his own end assisting with solid PK, but below average in the offensive zone. Grade: B
  • Jason DeSantis: 27GP, 2G, 7A, 9PTS, -6, 22PIM, 27SOG, 7.4SH%
    DeSantis was brought in to help the powerplay, and has yet to do that. A liability on defense with an offensive game that's underachieving, DeSantis has often been benched for John Lee. Grade: D
  • Alexander Petrovic: 26GP, 3G, 5A, 8PTS, +1, 56PIM, 39SOG, 7.7SH%
    The adjustment to the pro level has been mixed for Alex Petrovic. He's been decent on the powerplay, but his defense has been terrible, and he often takes too many penalties. Grade: D
  • Colby Robak: 31GP, 3G, 11A, 14PTS, -4, 34PIM, 48SOG, 6.3SH%
    Leads the defensemen in scoring and been inconsistent in his own end for most of the season. Penalties have been a problem for Colby Robak, but his offensive been solid. Grade: C
  • Tyson Strachan: 24GP, 1G, 8A, 9PTS, +3, 22PIM, 33SOG, 3.0SH%
    The best defensemen on the team, and his absence from the blueline has been very noticeable. Often paired with Robak and Petrovic, Strachan has been a polar opposite to the two, playing well in his own end, but lacking puckhandling skills. Grade: B
  • Nolan Yonkman: 31GP, 0G, 3A, 3PTS, -11, 35PIM, 26SOG, 0.0SH%
    Good in his own end, San Antonio's captain been working on his discipline and has yet to reach 50 penalty minutes this season. With a better linemate, Yonkman's numbers might been better. Grade: C


  • Dov Grumet-Morris: 13GP, 685MIN, 3-6-2, 31GA, 2.72GAA, 314SV, .910SV%
    A better goalie than his numbers say, but not that much better. Dov Grumet-Morris has been solid at times for the Rampage, but hasn't gotten much support from both offense and defense. Grade: C
  • Jacob Markstrom: 20GP, 1177MIN, 8-11-1, 57GA, 2.90GAA, 549SV, .906SV%
    When Jacob Markstrom is hot, he's hot, and likewise when he's cold. As long as Markstrom is healthy, he'll be getting ice time, but like Grumet-Morris, he hasn't been given much support. At least he's healthy. Grade: C