Feeling creative? Give LBC a new look!


That logo of ours up there in the top-left corner has been staring down upon us all since the 2008-09 season, and though it has served us well we believe the time has arrived for a bold, daring & dashing new design. And we'd like your help in achieving just that.

Details after the jump...

Litter Box Cats - aka The Litter Box - is inviting our community members to construct a completely new logo to represent the site going forward. Anything and everything is on the table creativity-wise, so feel free to think outside of the, um, box. Obviously, team colors representing our beloved Cats are encouraged, and if you decide to employ a feline creature in your design, please note - as so many have - that actual Florida panthers do not have spots (Google it for further details). A wordmark - either (no quotes) "Litter Box Cats" or the far more preferred "The Litter Box" - must be included.

Site staff, with approval from SB Nation's legal & copyright eagles, will select the winning entry on Sunday, August 14th; we will publicly announce the design and its author later that week, with full implementation on the site prior to Rookie Camp.

This is all for community fun and "Bragging rights", and please note the completed winning entry will become the legal property of SB Nation. No compensation or "prizes" will be awarded.

Tech specs:

  • Final logo must measure 200x220, so work must be done in 1x1.1 ratio
  • Formats: logo must be rendered in either Vector - OR - hi-res (10 inches, 300dpi) Bitmap formats
  • Source and hi-res files of winning entry must be submitted to SB Nation upon completion

Please submit your entry/entries to pantherslitterbox@yahoo.com (titled "New LBC Logo") before Friday, August 12th for inclusion. Let's have some fun with this.