Panthers' opening night roster by General Manager

Over the past couple of seasons, I've written about the large number of players who have passed through the Florida Panthers. I hope I will not have to do so again. The Panthers appear to be entering a period of stability under General Partner Cliff Viner and General Manager Dale Tallon. For once ownership seems content to let a management team with a plan to turn the team around do the job they were hired to do.

The first season under Tallon and Assistant General Manager Mike Santos was mostly a watch and wait affair, with Tallon watching the team that Jacques Martin build and Randy Sexton tweaked. For the most part Tallon didn't like what he saw and fired the coach and blew up the team. This year is the first year that a Dale Tallon team will take the ice in Florida. If there's any question that this is Tallon's team, we present the current Panthers roster by the GM who brought the player to the team. While several draft picks from the previous management teams (including all of Sexton's 2009 picks) remain in the system, the majority of players on the active roster were brought to the Panthers by Tallon.

Bill Torrey (2000-2001)

Mike Keenan (2004-2006)

Jacques Martin (2006-2009)

Randy Sexton (2009-2010)

Dale Tallon (2010-)