Poll: Florida Panthers Reveal 20th Anniversary Logo For 2013-14 Season

Crisp, but could something more substantial have been implemented?


So there it is.

Kinda grasping here, but I personally really like the bold red "X"s. Beyond that there is probably not much more that could have been done; as the logo will be likely not much larger than the image above, it must convey information in an at-a-glance format which is easily readable from a distance. Mission accomplished, though the addition of a wordmark reading something like "Confounding Toronto Media For Two Decades" might have helped boost sales of associated products, at least among the hardcores, but I digress.

More on the anniversary and plans going forward from the club here (image courtesy of the Panthers).

Like it?

Yep...very sharp, gets the point across81
Nope...a different direction should have been employed11
Meh...not even a secondary logo. When's the Draft again?47