Trade Tomas Vokoun? Two sides weigh in


The Hockey News presents opposing arguments for and against dumping #1 Florida Panthers goaltender Tomas Vokoun.

From the Trade Him Now! camp:

"First, Florida isn't built to win this year or in the next two years - the time remaining on Vokoun’s contract. The Panthers are in a rebuilding mode (when are they not?). They had to trade Olli Jokinen over the summer and Jay Bouwmeester is likely next. So why pin your hopes on a goalie making $5.7 million per season through 2010-11?"

- John Grigg, THN

And the Sloooow Down! side:

"All this talk surrounding Vokoun – a goalie who has been among the league’s elite since the turn of the century – just because he has started a little cold and his backup has been posing as the Messiah, is moving too fast when it’s simply unnecessary."

- Rory Boylen, THN

Lots of attention is coming our way if Andy can keep up his Jacques Plante routine. Especially if T-Vo's name is combined with Bouwmeester's. Have a nice day!

Is now the right time to deal Vokoun for scoring help up front?Feel free to chime in with trade proposals in the comments section.